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“Hey guys,” said the Fleecy Pink Sock to the rest of the group.

“Hi Pink,” replied Argyle. “Looks like she’s making her yearly attempt to match us up again.” If Argyle would have had eyes, he would have rolled them.

“Won’t last long” said Black & White Striped.

“Come on, guys! Give her a chance” said PDX Carpet. He was the newest to the bunch. His tags were still on and he was being held to his partner by one of those plastic toggles. He’d never known the months and years the rest of them had known being alone and repeatedly and embarrassingly mismatched.

“What? Black socks are all getting paired up too! She must mean business!” said Cow Nose.

“Dude! She’s separating all of the Christmas and Halloween socks and packing them away for next year! I’ve never seen that move before…” said Groovy Swirl, his voice trailing off a little as if he was seeing the end of an era.