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I cleared out a large amount of desk clutter today. I got rid of enough stuff that I could place my laptop on my desk and use it like a regular person. I also did four loads of laundry. I also made teriyaki chicken bowls for dinner- a meal which cost me about $5.00 total. I consider all of these things victories.

My current objective is to organize my desk area and make it so functional that it’s the easiest place in the apartment for me to go work. So I’ll get more work done… that’s the idea. Already, the fact that I’m sitting in a corner of my bedroom- in a space that’s just for me- burning a green candle in honor of my intention for wealth this year and blogging makes me feel very much at peace.

This objective is part of my larger goal to not live under piles of stuff and to stop constantly imagining scenes from the episode of Hoarders they’ll do about my apartment. To not wish that the hoarders people might actually do a show on me so I could get some help hauling out the tons of crap in here that I don’t need. I filled up an entire trash bag and then some with just stuff I didn’t need from this one corner of my bedroom…

I wondered today what would happen if I decided to do one load of laundry a day and take trash out once a day for a week… Do I have enough laundry to keep that up? I guess it wouldn’t be too horrible to do laundry every day if it was only one load… to take the trash out every day if it was only one trip to the dumpster (vs. the 5 or 6 trips today??). What if I went through my clothes/shoes/stuff once a week and threw stuff out? How long would it take before I had trouble finding things to give away?

After a day full of chores, I was dying for some kind of outing… any kind of outing… So my husband and I went out to Starbucks with the baby and played rummy with the neato set of cards I got him for Christmas. While we were there, a woman walked around carrying a baby the same size as my son and a cardboard sign the same size as a postcard. She was asking for money to “buy diapers and formula.” My son had a bottle of formula stuck in his mouth. We didn’t give her anything… although I feel like I should have. We don’t have extra cash to throw around- the Starbucks outing was made possible by gift cards from relatives- but we do have enough to get by when it comes to essentials.

I really don’t need to complain so much about having too much stuff.

But I have too much stuff. And I’m going to try to do something about it.