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1. A family of mourning doves has decided to hang out on our balcony. The two babies sit all cuddled up together while their mom and dad go off and get food and/or do whatever birds do. So we’re not their home- we’re more like daycare. We’re waiting for their check. I don’t know where their nest is- but they fly away when the sun goes down. I’m posting this picture because their faces are so cute but so much gross poop right? We’ll have to replace the chairs once they grow up…

Because of our new charges, I’ve gotten to learn all about pigeon milk and figured out that owl-hooting sound I kept hearing was just more mourning doves…. that’s the sound that’s supposed to sound mournful.

2. In case you were wondering, here’s what it looks like when you buy 10 vitamin waters:

My husband and I go through bouts of vitamin-water obsession. Our favorite is the red “Power-C” which tastes like gummy bears. I also like the yellow “Energy” one and the “Focus” strawberry-kiwi flavor. The absolute best flavor ever is “Refresh” which is supposed to taste like “tropical mango.” But they only sell that in rando gas stations and (insider tip) at the Ralph’s in Malibu.

3. Yesterday was the Otis College of Design Kite Festival at the Santa Monica Pier. The wind was high right when we got there so we got to see a huge octopus kite and play with this big parachute like contraption:

The wind died down for a bit so there weren’t any kites up for a while. My son and I attempted to ride the Ferris wheel but holy god it would have cost us $20. He opted for the coin-op kiddie rides instead which still cost three quarters each. Sigh. Rides on the ocean cost more like everything else on the ocean I guess. We ate a cookie (purchased elsewhere since it would have been like a $5 cookie we’d have to wait in a half-hour line for) at a picnic table and were going to go home. We noticed, however, that the wind had picked up and so we went back to the beach and whipped out our octopus kite. And a few minutes later, there were people with their own Amazon-purchased regular people kites all over the beach. We were a quiet, peaceful community. It was glorious.

I honestly think kite-flying is good for helping anxiety and this event was like a group meditation session. Let’s solve some problems with kites, please.