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Since I started a new position this school year, the husband has taken over dinner duties. Between the actual workload and the ridiculous commute, I wasn’t able to continue making dinner. But I like cooking… so I do it on weekends and over breaks too. I’m entering week 2 of winter break and so I’m sharing my meal plan.

I do grocery shopping on Saturday mornings so my meal plan runs Saturday to Friday.

Saturday: Curried Potato & Lentil Soup from Minimalist Baker (and discovered by my sister-in-law at Adventures in Polishland). I sub the vegetable broth for chicken broth- and by chicken broth, I mean hot water and a few teaspoons of chicken bouillon powder which I always have on hand. I don’t do this, of course, if I’m cooking for vegans though! This soup is delicious and healthy and was nice to detox a bit after holiday crazy-eating. I warm up a loaf of ciabatta bread in the oven and tear off hunks to dip in the soup. So yummy.

Sunday: Go upstairs. Get dressed. We are going out to eat. I’m not planning on feeding our dinner to the Bumpus hounds but we’re going out to eat for New Year’s Eve.

Monday:For New Year’s Day, we’re having a small gathering and making fancy food. Here’s the menu:

-Crostinis with ricotta cheese, apricot jam, prosciutto and arugula. This is a conglomeration of different crostini ideas from the internet. And it gives the husband an excuse to get prosciutto at the Italian deli.

-Spiral-sliced Ham (following the cooking directions on the package…)

-Holiday Honeycrisp salad (but w/ pears instead) from Five Heart Home

-Cheddar mashed potatoes from Little Spice Jar

-Hoppin’ John Stew from the “Celebrate Winter” Gooseberry Patch book I got at an antique mall for $5. It’s made with black-eyed peas and is supposed to bring good luck when eaten on New Year’s Day.

-Sauteed green beans and mushrooms w/ garlic. This will be improvised.

(Guests are bringing dessert)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Using more leftover ham in the Slow-Cooker Rosemary Potato Soup with Ham from Barefeet in the Kitchen’s Weeknight Dinner Cookbook. If you haven’t bought this book, please buy yourself a late Christmas present and save yourself some time in the new year. This recipe posted on her website is almost the same as the one in the book.

Thursday: With that spiral-sliced ham bone, we’re making “Mom’s best ever split pea soup” from The Cozy Cook.

Friday: Either leftovers or out again.

I bought some extra flour and yeast this week and will be trying out some bread recipes. I’ll also be using some uneaten bananas from last week to make muffins. #hygge ! I will also be making and freezing breakfast sandwiches to make next week less painful. 😦

Do you have leftover ham recipes? “Good luck” New Year’s Day recipes? Share them in the comments!