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Pork is cheapbo! Big hunks of pork roast have been on sale at our grocery store for the past two weeks and I just cooked up our second one with this recipe I’m going to tell you about. This was ninety-something cents a pound so an 8-lb pork roast was less than $8.00- pretty good, considering that I use it for at least 3 meals.

I searched “8 pound pork roast” and got this recipe by Melissa Sevigny of “I Breathe, I’m Hungry.” It was exciting since everything I needed, besides the hunk of meat, was already in my pantry. So night 1, we ate hunks of spiced meat, simple mashed potatoes and a green salad. I pulled the rest of the meat off the bone and used some of it to top pizza made with barbecue sauce (I made another pizza with the remains of the salami from Christmas Eve).*** Tomorrow night, we’ll pop the rest of the meat into tortillas, top with cheese and enjoy some tacos.

There are a blue-bazillion pulled pork recipes on the internet that call for boneless pork roasts. Try the bone-in kind and save some $$$.

Let’s review it!

Overall tastiness: 5/6 hobs – It’s very, very good.

Level of difficulty: Easy – Mix up your spices, put the roast in the pan, rub it all over, stick it in the oven at 500 for 20 min, lower it to 300 and go do something else (like entertain a toddler… or take a bubble bath) for 4 hours.

Clarity/Helpfulness of the recipe: 6/6 stars – super easy instructions

Cheapness factor: $ <- one dollar sign. Feed a family of 3 for 3 days for under $8… pretty darn cheap.

Healthiness factor: Healthyish? It’s paleo! It qualifies if you’re doing a Whole-30 thing. I have no idea what either of those are… but you don’t add any oil or carbs to the hunk of meat so it’s as healthy as a hunk of pork roast can be.

How long does it actually take: Mixing the spices and prepping the roast took under 10 minutes. The cooking time is long- 30 min per pound of roast- so it’s not an “easy weeknight meal” but you can get stuff done at home while it’s cooking.

What do you do with leftover pork roast? Share your ideas in the comments!

***I use the pizza dough recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.