This project is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do- it’s reminding me that I’m not perfect and not-being-perfect is not a reason to not do something. I took way more than 4 days off of writing this month- but I wrote way more than I would have if I wouldn’t have been doing this project. As of 1/31/17, I’ve written 16 entries into this document- and a total of 15 pages of Calibri 11 point font.

I write significantly more- not just in my daily writing practice, but in my writing for work as well. I noticed my 1-paragraph notes about my observations of kids I’m assessing in class have turned into 1-2 page documents that I have to pare down. I would say that words come to me easier, but I wouldn’t say that I have found writing to be easier. Writing is hard- and doing this more has made me realize it’s hard.

Which is good! One of the main things I wanted to battle was that voice in my head saying “If only you wrote more…” because there was an assumption behind that, that it was something that came so easily to me that with just a tiny bit of attention would yield amazing things. Not true. With lots and lots of practice, maybe- but that’s just it…

I’ve only written 4 blog posts this month including this one. But I didn’t have something I wanted to publish every time I sat down to write. I also had to decide what I wanted to write about. I read Stephen King’s “On Writing” and tried out some fiction a few days. Fiction is REALLY hard for me. Too many choices. I’m sticking to observational/non-fiction writing for the moment.

Reading and writing is something that I can do and it’s something that doesn’t cost me anything- and it’s something that I think is going to be important for me to keep up in this Trump-vortex we’ve found ourselves in.