“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”


That’s the quote in Gretchen Rubin’s one-sentence journal today. Today is the 10th day of January and I have written for at least 20 minutes on 6 of those 10 days. I was supposed to get four days off and I’ve taken all of them. I had good excuses. On January 2nd, I was on a getaway overnight with my husband while my wonderful in-laws watched our toddler. On January 5th, I spent the day prepping for travel and then getting to the airport / flying / getting on a connecting flight/ getting baggage/ waiting for our ride / sitting in traffic all the way home. On January 8th, my dear friend from Portland had her flight back cancelled so we got to have dinner and hang out during the time I was planning on writing. I did scribble in my journal for 5 minutes while she was trying to figure out flight stuff.  Yesterday, I had a surprise IEP cancellation so I was able to meet my friend again for dinner and then I took my toddler to the park. And then some other friends came over to hang out after he went to sleep.


But if I wasn’t doing this project- of the 10 days in January, I most likely would have written during zero of those days.


Like I said at the beginning, this is an experiment and I’m discovering things. One major thing is that my computer sucks. (Sorry, computer. I feel bad writing that about the computer I’m currently using.) It takes forever to boot up and I can’t turn it on while the toddler is awake because he’ll be all like “ooooo Mommy’s toy with all the buttons! I want to press them all!!” And then there’s my desk. Maybe if I can clean off my desk again and get a chair in front of it so my laptop can live there, I won’t have to boot it up every time. I absolutely cannot invest in a new computer/device at the moment. I type much faster than I write by hand and I feel extremely impeded when I have to write by hand.


But I’ve done it. This morning, I spent 15 minutes writing in a journal and came to the idea for this blog post. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get writing in today either because I go to therapy on Tuesday nights. Thursday night is book club and Friday, I’m going on a party bus to see Ruby Ribbon’s spring line. So I have to plan to have that time in there somewhere.


That’s the difference though… I’m making time to do something that otherwise I’d leave to just when it’s convenient or when I feel like it. While the fact that I let 4 days get away from me was disappointing at first, I was reminded that I was creating a habit and creating habits is hard. And I won’t let perfect be the enemy of good. It’s good that I wrote 6 out of 10 days this month- not perfect, but good.