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I wore my skeleton dress to work today and an older woman complemented me on it and then said “Pity you can only wear it one day a year” – What? Why would I only wear this awesome dress once a year? It glows in the dark! And it has POCKETS???!!!!!  Of course, I have a large problem with anyone feeling bad about a thing ever so I just smiled and nodded and kept walking instead of telling her how I wear my awesome dress all the time just maybe not at work. Here’s an image of it from ModCloth:bone

It’s also the closest dress I have to something Ms. Frizzle** from Magic School Bus might wear.  I also will probably wear it again on Monday since I work at a different school Monday***


**I had to look up the correct spelling of her name. And #lifegoals . Nobody produces dresses that actually look like Ms. Frizzle’s. If I could pay someone fairly to make me a dress that’s actually like hers, I would gladly do so. There are lots of images on the internet of sad attempts to imitate her look but nobody’s pulling it off.

frizzleI mean… the world needs this dress to actually exist.



***BTdubs, the best perk of working at different sites on different days is that you can recycle outfits… instead of keeping them in a rotation which makes people think you’re on top of your laundry…


And P.S. “Edutainment” is a word people use for educating entertainment… What would educating fashion be called? Edufashion? Fashionucation? Fashucation? Fasiculation?