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So seriously positive people who hate complaining and complainers… what do you do for small talk? When someone is sighing their brains out about how hard it all is, there is only so much “That sounds really tough, I’m sorry” I can do before I have to just agree with them or pretend to agree with them. And if I say that I agree with them, I can feel their negative energy creeping into my brainwaves and I am doing so much work to fight against unnecessary negativity!!!


Ugh… SIGH… it’s just SO HARD! See? Like that.


How do I stop that? How do I be a supportive coworker/friend/etc. without falling into their spiral of badness? And what do I talk about if I don’t have to complain about how overwhelmed I am? Does anybody have a good strategy for turning around a negative conversation?


I asked the “Let it Be” people (that’s the “podcast about less doing and more being) and they said “good question!” but they didn’t answer it. They got stuff to do… or stuff to … be.


So help, internet. Please. Thanks!