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I’m so used to “total crisis panic mode” that I think something is horribly wrong when I don’t have a large mountain of burning crap to deal with.

I was thinking to myself a few weeks ago- when I was dealing with the wrath of unholy hour-cutting and subsequent poverty- about what it might feel like if the new job was everything I wanted. I was unsure if I’d be able to handle it.

I’m way too early into the school year to make broad statements about how perfect my job is now, but I would like to report that I have had two weeks of enough to do and enough time to do what I need to do when I need to do it. I’ve had time to make dinner. I’ve had time to seriously consider putting thought into side dishes for dinner. I’ve had time to go running. I’ve been listening to podcasts about mindfulness (my favorite is currently “On Being“).

I’m currently enjoying a weekend that is completely free of any kind of money-making duties. While my son is napping- I took a bath, baked some brownies, finished reading the book club pick of the month and wrote this blog post.

I would like to graciously give up bragging about how busy I am and start bragging about how much I’m winning at life. But first, I need to shake the feeling that there must be something I’m forgetting to do and the need to look for some area of my life in which I am failing miserably. Gotta reprogram those neural pathways designed by the chronic stress of the last 10 years.