posted on Facebook this morning. I’m shaking. I’ve never come right out and said that I had abandoned the faith held by so many of my friends. But I had to say something. You can’t actually believe in the tenants of Christianity and support Donald Trump:


From NPR this morning: “The apparent depth of support for Donald Trump among evangelical voters has produced an identity crisis within that conservative world. Some are disassociating themselves from the broader community.”

YOU ARE SO LATE TO THIS PARTY, GUYS. It took Donald Trump in his unmitigated language to voice things that conservative, “evangelical” politicians have been saying (although not as bombastically) for YEARS to wake you up and say “huh… I don’t think that’s consistent with what Jesus tells us to do.” For real?

Please hear me- someone who spent the majority of her formative years as a church-going-Jesus-loving-bible-study-leading-church-camp-counselor and graduate of Pepperdine University: It was the revelation that the current brand of Christianity was not at all consistent with the actual tenants of Christianity laid out in the New Testament that led me to give it up completely. In my studies of history and the history of religion in this country, I have found that religion so closely follows the whims of culture- that it’s been used to justify our own existence- whatever existence you’ve got… Religion is a function of human self-esteem- and absolutely, not ever, the result of revelation from an actual deity that exists outside the human mind.

It only took me 10 years to come right out and say it on Facebook.

But I felt the need to- just to tell you Christians- you need to take a serious look at the tenants of your own faith if you’ve decided after “prayerful consideration” to vote for Donald Trump. And while you’re doing that, check the statements of his competitors against the tenants of your own faith as well.