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I read somewhere that it’s less likely that you’ll complete a project or reach a goal etc if you tell people about it. I’m going to blog about this project idea and I’m figuring it’s ok because there’s nobody out there actually reading what I’m writing, right?

I am fascinated by the LA River. It’s a joke to most Angelenos who drive over it and snicker at the blue signs that label it. It’s the LA-river-with-quotation-marks… mostly cement and a good place for drag racing in movies. It was an actual river once- a river that served the establishments which eventually became Los Angeles. But there are parts of it that actually look like a river. I’ve had the privilege of going on two different kayak trips in the river.  Both times, I got the strong lovey-dovey naturey feelings that only come to me when I’m around flowing water…

So there are different ways of looking at the river. And I’ve been wanting to photograph a few different ways of looking at the river- a la Hokusai and his 36 Views of Mt. Fuji or Wallace Stevens and his Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. I’m thinking 9 views- because 9 Instagram images will look nice printed by Social Print Studios… that’s a rather arbitrary decision, but the number isn’t important to me.

Anyway- so it’s out in the universe. Hopefully that won’t inhibit my progress.