Sitting here waiting for pizza to be delivered and sighing over how it’s the end of the weekend.

And as I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, I start remembering loads of things I got to do. So as I do sometimes, I’m going to list all the stuff I did in my free and at times, not as free, time this weekend.

1. Walked to the library with my son & returned two books before they were due and picked up the graphic novel I had on hold.

2. Read through and enjoyed my first graphic novel ever.

3. Wrote a book review about said graphic novel and the other book I read recently and posted it on this blog 🙂

4. Finished the 2 forum posts I had to do for homework.

5. Combined notes for next week’s quiz and posted it on facebook for my classmates- then took next week’s quiz

6. Wrote two progress reports for kids on my caseload

7. Went to brunch at Pedaler’s Fork in Calabasas with friends- and ate Johnny cakes made out of quinoa, walnuts, sunflower seeds, bee pollen, bananas and blueberries- decorated with flowers.

8. Visited Barnsdall Park for the first time.

9. Got some refreshing iced mint tea at the Casbah Cafe in Silverlake after discovering the cheese shop was closed.

10. Went to Whizin’s Market Square and had a late lunch at Plata Taqueria– where I had the margarita I’ve been waiting all my life for at the happy hour price. Then we perused some antiques. The baby fell asleep in his stroller which allowed us a leisurely trip to Carrara Pastries for fancy treats and design-in-the-foam coffee.

11. Made chicken soup from scratch.

12. Put laundry away and changed our sheets

13. Watched my baby walk across the kitchen

14. Got pizza from a new pizza place. First time eating pizza in like a month. Going to stop writing to eat now. Feeling better.