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During the savasana of one of the few prenatal yoga classes I got to go to, I had a vision of walking down the beach with my curly-haired toddler son. He was running ahead of me, picking up rocks and then running back to me saying “Look, Mama!” It made me cry…

I went to the beach today with my almost-toddler son and watched him play in the sand. There was tar washing up on the sand–I’m assuming from the oil spill in Santa Barbara–so we didn’t go in the water. I flew my kite and another little boy ran over to chase it. He made friends with my son and they played in the sand a bit together. We ate soft pretzels we picked up at the bakery on the way and said “crash” as the waves hit the shore. It was foggy and overcast so we needed snuggly sweatshirts.

We watched families with older children run around, building sandcastles and burying each other in the sand. We looked around at more and more and more things to come.