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I follow Stephanie Nielson’s blog – “The Nie Nie Dialogues.” I discovered it after someone posted this article about being a feminist who loved Mormon mommy-blogs. She writes about being a mom to her five kids and how incredibly fulfilling it all is for her. My first instinct is to roll my eyes and assume that she’s just talking herself into enjoying housework- but she’s just so sincere about it. And reading it now as long as I have, she’s gotten into my head. Being a mother is her profession and she doesn’t seem to feel the need justify her choice. She doesn’t have to worry about student loans or homework or paying rent. She’s immersed in her children and making her house a sanctuary.

As a sufferer of postpartum depression, I’ve consumed a great deal of media assuring me that it’s okay to not feel great about motherhood. Nie Nie is someone who genuinely loves it and, at this point, it’s really good for me to hear from her. Currently reading her book too…