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We’re always on the lookout for places to go that are unique, weird, awkward, old, non-chain-y type things. We also have a problem that every time we do have a spare moment to go exploring, we promptly forget all of the places we talked about going. So this weekend, we started a Pinterest board so we have a place to go look every time we get a spare moment. We ended up going to 2 of the places on the board yesterday. We tried to go to another one- the Apple Pan- on Saturday, but it turns out that place is just a big counter with no high chairs = no babies.

I finished homework earlier than expected this weekend so we decided to venture out to the City of Industry. Who goes to the City of Industry for fun? Apparently, we do.

First stop was Frisco’s for dinner. Very, very kitschy traditional 50’s diner with booths that look like cars complete with real working headlights. Waitresses are on skates and they do a awkwardly choreographed dance every so often. They did the moves to the “car wash” song and “Greased Lightening” but they were so bored by it that they didn’t even care to make sure they were all stepping to the left at the same time. Two of them carried on a conversation the whole time. And the whole place is decorated as a kind of shrine to them- there are pictures of girls on rollerskates everywhere. There are girls in rollerskates with wings painted on the ceiling. …so in some ways it’s like a place you go to go look at girls skate in skimpy outfits… there’s a name for a place like that. But this is a family restaurant. So…? But we had fun. 🙂 I didn’t get any pictures.

But then we went to this place:


I wanted to go just because you get to drive through a huge donut. I didn’t know it was  place that had hipster donuts (hipster donuts are donuts with toppings like bacon and colorful kids cereal). Delicious! And they have Taro ice-blended drinks??!! Heavenly!


Now – on to freaking out about groceries. That’s actually what I’m doing right now.