I’ve been trying to cultivate positivity and mindfulness in the last several years of my life. I’ve been trying a lot more than I’ve been succeeding. I find myself constantly slipping back to my default setting which is- everything is difficult and almost nothing is worth doing. I’m disappointed in how my adult life is turning out (i.e. in huge debt, stuck in a tiny apartment which I have no time or energy to clean and I’ve brought a child into the mess as well…). Most of my waking life is spent doing things I don’t want to do.

So that’s depression, right? That attitude is a “problem” that needs to be fixed. Possibly with prescription drugs.

So although I’ve been trying to cultivate positivity and mindfulness, I’m going to step back here and make a case for the other side.

What if I’m not depressed? What if I’m just really honest about the way things are? Ignoring the bad- even if I’m doing so by not making value judgments about anything… which is a state I can get to occasionally- doesn’t make it go away. It’s always still there when I stop reminding myself to “be positive.” What if I have a problem with putting a positivity filter on my outlook? What happens when I don’t have enough energy to do that anymore? Am I depressed? Or does my situation just suck? Or do I have a negativity filter on?

For as much as those positivity people want us to believe it, saying it’s so doesn’t make it so. Not all or most of the time anyway.