Feeling the need to make a list of stuff I did on break so I can refer to it once I find myself wondering what it is I did with all of my “free time.”

1. I wrote a blog post and tagged it with some keywords which led to complete strangers “liking” and commenting! Woo hoo!

2. I went to Mama/Baby yoga with my baby and had a lovely time. Then we got In ‘n’ Out.

3. I did laundry.

4. I made pizza using my dad’s recipe.

5. I went to an art museum.

6. I got noodles at a ramen place.

7. I went to two independent coffee shops.

8. I read Amy Poehler’s book.

9. I got to hang out with three groups of awesome friends.

10. I Instagrammed like a boss.

11. I did several “art” entries in my journal.

12. I contemplated re-adopting my “lost” faith and molding it into something that makes sense to me. This was because I was craving a sense of control- see item below.

13. Took a pregnancy test (negative- whew).

14. I went grocery shopping with a 9-month-old.

15. I finished my time-sheet and mileage thingy for work and started on backlogged notes.

16. I cleaned cat boxes.