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wtf is the cure 2  wtf is the cure 3

I participated in the Run for Her 5k event yesterday which is a fundraiser for ovarian cancer research. I noticed a family there wearing t-shirts with a teal ribbon and the word “Cancer” written in cursive. I was expecting some kind of generic inspirational message underneath it. Instead, it said “Cancer: Where the f*ck is the cure.” The ‘u’ in “f*ck” was replaced by another, smaller, teal ribbon. That t-shirt had totally lost patience- enough with the events, enough with the fundraising, enough with the merch- just where the f*ck is the cure??? I understand the sentiment completely, but I was confused since this was a family who got matching t-shirts made up in order to wear them at one of these fundraising events.

I so wanted to take a picture of them, but I didn’t want to seem creepy. Instead, I waited until we were crossing the finish line and a guy on a loudspeaker asked this gentleman to stop so he could take a picture of the shirt… that made it okay for me to do it too I guess… from a distance at least.

I sent this picture to my husband whose only comment was “It doesn’t make sense without the question mark.” It’s true.

This is a moment like other moments I have at least once a day- wishing I could hear what David Sedaris would say… and wishing more that I could get anywhere near his brilliance in my own retelling…