Lots of things get thrown into the speech-pathologist scope of work. That’s part of why I picked this field- because of the wide range of issues I’d get to deal with… keeps it interesting. Anyway- one of the things we get put in charge of is the nebulous realm of social skills. Of all the things I am called to provide therapy for, this is the one that’s the hardest one for me personally- because I consider my social skills pretty dull. I diagnose myself with social anxiety disorder. This is no reason to shy away from offering therapy for it though. Some of the best speech therapists are those who have struggled with the very issues they’re providing therapy for. Struggling with a skill leads one to break down that skill into learnable chunks- a task that might not be so easy for someone who has never had to struggle with making phone calls, initiating conversation, asking for help, etc.

So I thought I might try treating myself like a patient. After giving myself years and years of non-formal, observational assessment, I have diagnosed myself with social anxiety. I will now create a measurable therapy goal to work towards.

Long term goal: I will initiate a conversations via phone or email when I have questions, when I feel lonely, or when I feel the desire to catch up with a friend 90% of the time given 10 trials.

Short-term objective: I will initiate a conversation via phone or email at least once a day.

I’m going to stick with just one goal for this month and re-evaluate.