1. It’s a completely unoriginal format.

2. You’re reading lists because you don’t have time to read through actual paragraphs, so what makes you think you have the time to cram another ten things into your schedule?

3. You are enough.

4. It’s more productive to take a deep breath and count backwards from ten than it is to read about 10 things that make you less-than-ideal in some way.

5. It’s impossible to organize and hold onto “ten ways to be happy” in your mind at one time. Are you going to write this list down somewhere and check the things off as you go? You don’t have time for that (see #2).

6. Think of how many pages of a book you could get through in the total time it takes you to get through these lists. Why not set a goal to read through a book this month instead of reading a bunch of nonsense lists?

7. Lists give you a false sense of productivity. It’s a feeling similar to the feeling you get when you’re setting a goal for yourself, only nothing actually happens. You should take that time to set a measurable goal with a time limit instead.

8. Lists cause you to live in the future instead of living in the moment- yes, even the “10 ways to live in the moment” lists… This causes unnecessary stress and anxiety.

9. Lists point out deficits- things you don’t have that you should buy, places you haven’t gone that you should go, things you don’t but should think about, things you don’t do that you should do in the morning… Focusing on deficits leads to depression and ultimately causes you to be more unproductive.

10. You lose interest before you get to number 10 anyway.