Today, the focus has been to let go of things that don’t make me happy and hold on to things that do make me happy. It might seem overly-simplistic, but you might be surprised how setting that intention for the day makes everything a lot better. Every time I find myself getting upset, I remind myself to let it go and focus on something else. It’s been working for today at least.

And by the way, the movie “Frozen” has totally ruined my “let it go” mantra. “Let it go” is something that’s said a lot in Buddhist/meditative/zen writings nowadays. Every time I’m reminded to just “let go” of anything, I immediately start singing the song. I don’t even know the song! I just know the part that goes “let it go, let it go.” Since I’m focusing on things that make me happy today though, maybe I can see that as a reminder and further encouragement to let the bad stuff go.