I’m a big fan of Purpose Fairy. She’s one of the few email subscriptions I’ve kept for several years. While some of her posts follow the “10 things to make your life better” or “5 things you’re going to read about now and promptly forget” format, she has a lot of great original content about being in the moment, appreciating life, embracing happiness, etc.

She has an eBook that she’s offered to her email subscribers for free called the “21-Day Happiness Challenge.” I’ve been looking for some kind of daily meditation or guidance thingy that’s in line with my current spiritual path. I guess Buddhists and secular humanists aren’t into that kind of thing the way Christians are… I remember getting “bible-verse-a-day” in my email back in college. One of those bible-verse emails sent me a snarky comment when I requested to be unsubscribed… Anyway- I’m going to try this thing out.

Day 1 is a focus on forgiveness. With my tendency to obsess over bad things that have happened in the past, this is great for me. I catch myself several times a day mulling over conflicts I’ve had with others in the past and it does me no good. I catch myself about a million times a day beating myself up for something I haven’t done, something I’ve done wrong, some way I’m inadequate, etc. and I need to forgive myself and let those things go too. Really hard to do this forever, I know, but it will be good to have that be a focus for today.