Laundry detergent is expensive, right? Most of the big jugs of it are somewhere between $12.99-18.99- including the store brand. And then for some weird reason, the “Sun” brand is only $5.00. That’s what I buy.


I would say I have average upper-body strength for a woman my age. That said- I can’t carry more than one load of laundry and that huge jug of Sun detergent at the same time. We’re about half a block away from the coin-op washers and dryers in our apartment complex and every time I do laundry, I turn over and over in my mind how I could make this situation more efficient. If I didn’t have to carry that huge jug, I would be able to carry two loads of laundry at a time, thus cutting down on an entire round trip between my apartment and the machines. I know that laundry detergent also comes in those single-use pods… but those are even MORE expensive than the expensive laundry detergent and I refuse to shell out 3-4 times as much cash for the convenience.


Now that I’m a mom, my house is filled with baby bottles and breastmilk storage containers- both of which have resealable lids and milliliter/ounce markers AND are meant for multiple uses so they’re more durable than a single-use water-bottle (that’s what I’d been considering before). FINALLY! I grabbed an Avent bottle and my big jug of laundry detergent. I filled the laundry-detergent cup up with water and poured that water into the Avent bottle which allowed me to determine that the laundry detergent cup holds 4 oz. of fluid. I then, very easily, poured 8 oz of laundry detergent into the Avent bottle and voila! I have a portable, easy-to-carry container with 2 loads of laundry worth of laundry detergent! Problem = SOLVED! A pinterest-worthy solution as well!! Winning the day AGAIN!


I successfully carried two loads of laundry to the machines at once!


Now if only I could figure out a way to dry out the large puddle of standing water in the laundry room, my life would be complete, but I’ll leave that to the landlord or at least for another day.