I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the two fictional books represented in my previous post about my rating system were the examples of my 1/6 star and 2/6 star ratings. I am very much drawn to non-fiction books and there are several reasons for this. If I have any length of “free time,” I have an instant nagging feeling to make the most of it and “do something productive.” In the brief periods of my life where I have time to read non-school books, I’m usually drawn to books that I feel will teach me something new or give me some kind of insight which I can take with me into my non-free-time life. “Good fiction can do that too,” I hear myself say. But there are just so many things to know and learn about in this world and while I understand that the mountain of these things to know is never-ending, the pursuit of gaining as much knowledge as possible is worthwhile. That’s my entire philosophy of life… I chose a career path which requires me to be curious and continually learning.

I don’t know if I have time for a book-blog. I probably don’t. I do during this silly bed-rest time though. I figured out pretty quickly that I feel a lot better reading a non-fiction book all day than I do watching a fictional TV series. I feel a lot better when I’ve written something- even if it is on a web page no one reads.

So here begins a mini-venture into non-fiction book-blogging. Review #1 coming up.