Usually, when I go to the doctor, they comment about how great my blood pressure is. I’ve always semi-jokingly suggested I might put it on my resume. “Excellent blood pressure” could go under the same section as awards/accolades. I don’t have a lot (or any?) awards or accolades, so it would look nice there.

Anyway- this baby is messing up my record. The last time I went into the ob, the nurse basically said “meh, it’s ok” when she took my blood pressure. The straight-A student in me was all like, “What? What do you mean? It’s not great?? What can I do better?” At my doctor’s appointment yesterday, they said that my blood pressure was on the high side. “What? What have I done??” The doctor then suggested that I purchase a blood pressure monitor, chart readings throughout the day and email them to him.

I don’t have preeclampsia which I was really worried about. They did a pee-test on me and there wasn’t any protein in my pee (that’s a good thing). I also don’t have extremely swollen hands/feet/face. I did puke this weekend… but apparently it’s not related.

So anyway- I’m still sad that I don’t have “great” blood pressure, but I do have to admit that I kind of have fun taking my own blood pressure. My husband predicted this and told me he should have gotten me one of these things for Christmas. Maybe I can put that on my resume… under “interests,” I can put “taking my own blood pressure.” Doesn’t have the same ring…