Let’s everybody just take a big breath and chill!

It’s most likely because I’m feeling tightly-wound myself that I’m noticing it, but I am encountering so many tightly-wound people lately and I want to tell them all to chill the f*** out!

We were at a pizza place last night before breastfeeding class and this lady flipped out on the two guys working there because one of them messed up her pizza and had to start over again. She said the words, “I am very upset. I’m probably never going to come here again.” Really lady? Why does this affect me so much? Do I feel her frustration with something that doesn’t matter resonating with my own frustrations of things that don’t matter?

I read a post on facebook about this guy’s response to a request for free graphic design work. The guy made a pie chart of how much he didn’t want to do work for free. And it got me so freaking anxious! It bothered me that this random guy would get so angry and bitter that he’d expend all kinds of creative energy to respond this way. I find that when I respond to someone in a rude way, the fact that I responded in a rude way bothers me more than whatever it was that caused me to be rude in the first place. All I could think about was how bad that guy is going to feel all day.

My friends made an awesome video about telling all those dumb people off and it got stuck in my head and I sang it all day yesterday. While it’s exactly the way I feel a lot of the time about pretty much all of the people I encounter, having the mantra of “f*** yourself. f*** the horse you rode in on” all day made me feel a million times worse than I usually do about these people. The video is brilliant and brilliant people are in it but because of how my mind works, it kind of ruined my day.

It’s me who needs to chill out. I know this. I really do. But you all need to chill out too. Let’s just chill the f*** out.