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Not That Good – or “The Gap” as it’s actually called

I’m posting this here so I never have to search for it again. I kept on typing “not that good” into youtube and I could not find the thing! All I could remember was the image of the spaghetti with the sauce on it that spelled “not that good.”

This is a reminder to myself for not only my writing, which I always seem to be restarting, but this career which I’m really just starting. I have “killer” taste. My taste is good enough to know that what it is I’m doing is not that good. That’s usually the reason people quit but that’s the wrong thing to do. The right thing to do is to produce a ton of work so you can “catch up” and “close the gap.” Is there a way I can write all of that on a post-it? It’s too long to be a mantra. But I need that to be my mantra.