I’ve always been interested in too many things at once. I’ve spent a great deal of my life thinking that it was a problem since it’s caused me to change passions, goals, hobbies, career paths, etc. I struggled with my lack of focus. I’ve decided that since I can’t change this thing about myself (I’ve spent 30 years trying) that I’m going to use it as a strength and a reason to do more and be more.

I bring this up because this is the first post in a new blog. I put off writing this first post for several days now because I couldn’t think of a theme for this blog. My theme is going to be no-theme… The Bloggess doesn’t have a theme and she’s working on her second book deal- so there! Self! I’m talking to myself. My self is trying to hold me back and tell me that I need a theme, but I don’t.

So that’s it… I’m interested in lots of things and I get motivated by all kinds of other things. I dabble in writing and crafting and reading and academics and performing arts and science and yoga and comparative religion and cat photos… and soon-to-be baby photos. And I’m doing this for me anyway. So- Self- cut it out and just let me write something already? Deal? Deal!